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The moving process is filled with specialized industry language that may or may not apply to your move. We've simplified these phrases to a core list of frequently used terms and detailed how each relates to your  move.

Accessorial services
At your request, additional services performed by your moving company. These services may include packing, crating, carpentry and more. These will come at an additional cost.
A local moving company authorized to act on behalf of a larger, national company.
Anti-Static Bubble wrap
A type of package stuffing used for packing delicate or fragile items.
Appliance Service
The cost incurred in preparing large appliances for a safe move.
Assessed value
The amount of liability money you pay per $1,000 of value to cover your household goods during a move.
Auxiliary service
A shuttle truck service provided when a moving truck cannot make a normal pickup/delivery because of physical constraints (ex: a narrow road or a bridge that can't handle the weight of your truck) and a smaller vehicle is needed.
Bill of lading
Consider this your contract for your move, provided by your mover. It is your responsibility to understand the bill of lading before you sign it and remember: bring it with you to your new home.
Bulk items
Items that carry additional work, effort and cost to move. Think pianos, golf carts, snowmobiles, pianos, etc.
The moving company transporting your goods.
Boxes designed to hold smaller items. Some are even designed for certain types of materials, like a wardrobe box where you can move your items while on the hangar. Carton are available to order from  us.
Cash on delivery, or COD shipment
A move in which the customer pays for the services upon delivery. Some Movers requires payment up front to confirm booking, compared to payment on demand.
A shipper's written statement of loss or damage to any his/her household goods while in the care of the moving company.
The person to whom the shipment is to be delivered.
The person from whom the shipment is picked up from.
Cost of Move or Total Cost
The total cost of your move is calculated by the cubic feet of your inventory, plus additional selections including packing, crating, stairs, etc.
Declared valuation
Customer's statement of the value of the possessions your moving company is shipping.
Delivery window
Period of time, given by your moving company, in which they anticipate your moving trucks will arrive.
A sturdy packing box used primarily for shipping dishes, china, stemware, etc. Dishpacks are available to order.
The operator of your moving truck and typically, the supervisor of your moving team.
Typically, the approximate cost of your move based on a variety of factors. We give estimates - as well as , fixed, exact prices to ensure there are no hidden or "surprise" fees.
Exact Pricing
A guaranteed, all-inclusive, one-price move. Movers  are required to offer exact pricing.
Expedited Service
A higher fee for moving services on a specified date, usually within a short time from the booking date.
Federal moving regulations
Government laws that regulate moving companies and the transportation industry.
Flight charge
A charge for carrying items up/down flights of stairs. Most movers charge extra for a flight of stairs and each additional flight is a flat service charge per flight. A flight is typically considered to be equal to 8 stairs.
Full service move
The most common type of move when a moving company moves your household goods from one address to a new one.
Full service mover
All Unpakt mover partners are full service movers, meaning they provide the transportation of household goods from one address to a new one. Many offer additional services including packing/unpacking, crating, carpentry and more.
Full valuation protection
The most comprehensive liability plan available for protection of your household goods.
Full-service packing
A service moving companies may provide in which they pack all of your household goods and load onto the truck. Unpacking services included. Cartons/boxes included in pricing.
Gross weight
The weight of the truck and its contents after your goods are loaded.
Guaranteed pickup and delivery service
 When you book a move, you will have a guaranteed pickup and delivery service provided by one of our qualified mover partners.
High-value article
Items in a move valued at more than $100 per pound.
Hourly rates
Charging by the hour, per person, per truck.
Household goods
Your stuff! This includes all personal goods and property that you need moved.
In-home survey
An inventory of your household goods. You can do this yourself , or you can request an onsite home inventory from one of our trusted mover partners.
Interstate move
Also known as a long distance move. Refers to any move from a place in one state to a place in a different state, or between two places in one state via route within another state.
Inventory list
A detailed, descriptive list of all household goods you're moving and its pre-move condition. Your inventory size is the basis of our exact pricing model. You have up to 2 days prior to the move date to edit your inventory.
The process by which the inventory builder helps you go through your home, room by room, and record your household goods.
Move Plan
A summary of all the details of your move. Includes pickup and drop-off locations, inventory list, additional services purchased, mover information and more. You can log in and view your Move Plan at any time.
Mover Rights & Responsibilities Document
A governmental document outlining what you should expect from your moving company and what you need to do to ensure a seamless move.
Moving company
The business that physically moves your household goods from one address to a new one. Be sure to Check the Better Business Bureau ratings and number of years in business (among others).
Moving crew
Employees of the moving company who load and unload your household goods onto the moving truck. The moving crew may also pack and unpack your goods.
Moving process
The course of action taken to relocate your household goods from one address to another. This includes researching movers and booking , packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.
Moving tips
 Helpful Advice aimed at preparing you for a stress-free move.
Moving truck
The vehicle in which household goods are transported from one address to another.
Net Weight
Gross weight minus the tare weight, be sure to ask your mover for a copy of the scale ticket to verify your shipment's actual net weight.
Order for service
An order document verifying a moving company to move your household goods.
Occurs if there is not enough space on the moving truck to hold all of your household goods. Typically, a second truck is sent for pickup of overflow items.
Packing crew
See also: Moving crew. Employees of the moving company who pack and unpack your household goods for loading onto the moving truck.
Packing service
Preparing your items for the move with a professional packing crew. Most movers offering packing services.
PBO (packed by owner)
Items that you pack yourself for moving. If you pack your own items, be sure all boxes are safely and securely fastened for transport.
Peak season
The most popular months for moving. Typically runs May 1 to August 31. Book early to ensure availability.
A move of household goods from one address to a new one.
Relocation estimate
The approximate cost of your move from moving companies who give estimates. We gives exact prices that will not change unless your change your inventory, instead of estimates that can be raised or lowered as the mover desires.
Relocation services
The group of services including relocation booking, packing and unpacking, storage, extra stops, box delivery and more.
Shuttle service/truck
A smaller vehicle that carries items to a moving truck, when the large moving truck cannot safely complete a pickup or delivery due to physical limitations (ex: a narrow road or a bridge with weight restrictions).
Storage (services)
A safe place to keep household goods while in transit between two locations. Many movers offer storage options in which the first month is free.
Storage facility
A safe facility to store your household goods.
A request for temporary storage of your household goods at a storage facility until delivery at the final destination. Many movers offer storage-in-transit for an additional cost - the first month is free.
Straight Truck
A single-cab truck in which the cab and trailer are one body.
An assessment of the household goods you plan to move. A quick in-home survey should be taken on your own before beginning the inventory process.
Tare weight
The weight of the truck before your household goods are loaded. This weight does not apply to moves booked through All American, as the final weight of your load has no impression on your quoted  exact price.
A document recognizing rates, rules and regulations for moving services performed by a moving company. A tariff is required to contain three items: an accurate description of the services offered, specific applicable rates and service terms for services offered.
Temporary storage
Short-term storage. See also: Storage-in-transit.
Third-party services
Moving services performed by someone other than your moving company. This may include a professional piano mover or the dismantling of a wall-mounted television by someone other than the mover.
Transit protection
The amount your move is "worth" in dollars for insurance purposes. Most moving companies offer basic and full protection. See also: valuation.
Transportation charges
Include surcharges from moving companies for fuel, accessorial services, insurance and more. All of these surcharges (if applicable) are pre-factored into your final quoted price.
Unpacking (services)
The removal of your household goods from their boxes/cartons at your new address. This includes disposal of containers. Many movers even offer the organization of your goods within your new location.
US Department of Transportation
The governmental agency that oversees interstate transportation.
The amount your move is "worth" in dollars for insurance purposes. Most moving companies offer basic and full protection.
A van used for the shipment of household goods.


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